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The Spirit of Love Scholarships has been initiated in the communities that formed Rebekah Leah Rivera: Mary Immaculate Church, Ursuline Academy, Jesuit College Preparatory, and the Diocese of Dallas, TX. If and/or when these communities are served consistently and there is excess funding, target communities will be chosen for the scholarship awards.

These communities will be chosen based on low income or minority Catholic population and/or other factors that establish a need. Once these scholarships are established, a nationwide scholarship will be established. If the Lord blesses these efforts and there is excess funding, the Rebekah Leah Rivera Foundation will work to initiate the development of these types of leaders by supporting existing programs or establishing new programs in target communities based on need.

Rebekah’s Story

Rebekah was a member of Mary Immaculate Church who died on June 20, 2004. She attended Mary Immaculate School and graduated from Ursuline Academy in 2001. She also had strong ties with the Jesuit Community.

Rebekah lived a life of loving service to her church and community. For this reason her friends and family want to keep her memory alive by awarding a scholarship to a young person who lives his/her life as she did.